Live. Learn. Enjoy the Journey (Blog)

Live. Learn. Enjoy the Journey is a blog is written by me, Dionna L. Hayden, a woman of many “hats” including (but not limited to) wife, mother, artist and author. These simple and fun illustrations help bring to life ideas and discoveries in my life I write about that help can possibly assist others in their own life’s journey with simplicity, depth and some wit.

"Enduring the Middles" post illustration
"Real Faith, Real Miracles, Real Results" post illustration
'Rest: It's Not a Dirty Word' post illustration
'The Danger of Standing Still...' post illustration
"What About Your Friends?!" post illustration
"The Mommy Checklist" post illustration
"Getting to Know You: Finding Your Purpose" post
"No More Jumping Through Hoops!" post
"Everyday Valentine" post

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